Blocking of Debit Card payments of few banks by IRCTC – totally fake news!!

The news about the blocking of debit cards of few banks for payment in IRCTC is proved to be totally fake and payment could be done using any card using any bank’s gateway.

Fake news that was been spread in last few hours.
IRCTC has made it clear that it was never been done and also have given statements abiut how to use gateway of banks in the payment section.

There has been a revision in the charges for usage of debit cards in the gateways like ICICI, AXIS Payment gateway , Paytm or Payu to be – 0.25% for transactions upto Rs.1000/-, 0.5% for transactions above Rs.1000 and upto 2000/- and 1.0% for above Rs. 2000 value transactions.

Our team request you all to not to believe in the fake news and also not spread it in any social platforms.


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