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About – WDG4G Locomotive

Many of us in the rail fan community might be thinking – what are the features and specs of the locomotive. So let’s find it out.
Nomenclature:W – Wide/Broad Gauge
D – Diesel Powered
G – Goods load
4 – Class Type
G – GE (Manufacturer)
The ES43ACmi (Indian Railways’ class – WDG4G) locomotive, painted in a distinctive red and yellow pattern, is the first of 1,000 diesel freight locomotives that GE Transportation will deliver to Indian Railways as part of a $2.5 billion order. The bright colors hold special meaning in India with red representing energy and yellow representing freshness. Before the mass production of locomotives at Marhowara (Bihar) few locomotives are been produced and tested in USA. This project comes under the Make in India initiative.
The ES43ACmi(WDG4G) locomotive is one of two models GE Transportation is building for Indian Railways as part of the order. It’s a dual-cab locomotive with a 4,500-horsepower engine. The second locomotive, model ES57ACi, features a 6,000-ho…