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New Special Superfast Train from Bhopal to Madgaon!

Railways sensing the growing demand of train to Goa from Bhopal has decided to Run a limited run Superfast special.The Train is a one way train i.e. It would not have any return train which means it would be running from Bhopal Junction to Madgaon Junction but not the vice versa. Bhopal Junction to Madgaon Junction The train would have it’s First Run on 24th July at 6:20 pm (1820 hrs) from Bhopal Junction and would arrive Madgaon after 24 hour 10 mins at 6:30 pm (1830 hrs). Time Table of 02182/Bhopal – Madgaon Superfast Special (One Way)Train NumberTrain NameFrom StationDestination StationRuns From Source On02182BPL MAO SF SPLBHOPAL JNMADGAONMON––––––
SNoStation CodeStation NameRoute NumberArrival TimeDeparture TimeHalt Time(In minutes)DistanceDay1BPLBHOPAL JN1—18:20—012HBDHOSHANGABAD1

Maglev – Introduction.

Maglev (derived from Magnetic levitation)  is a transport method that uses magnetic levitation to move vehicles without making contact with the ground. Maglev trains does not have any wheels they move in air due to the magnetic repultions.
Maglev trains move more smoothly and more quietly than wheeled mass transit systems. The power needed for levitation is typically not a large percentage of its overall energy consumption; most goes to overcome drag, as with other high-speed transport. Compared to conventional trains the maglev trains are costly to establish but saves more after.Moreover such high speeds are possible to get only through a non frictional model. The most energy generated in a normal train (may it be generated by diesel or by electricity) is wasted by the forces which oppose the motion among which the frictional force is a major factor. The non contact feature of maglev reduces the energy loss to a great proportion due to which it has good speed generation and excellen…

Upto 30% Discount on late booking, Fare Reforms by Indian Railways!

Indian Railways’ premium trains Shatabdi and Rajdhani began to lose their popularity after the application of dynamic fare system. To regain the lost popularity Indian Railways have started the new ticketing system which offers a discount of upto 30% on late booking in Shatabdi.

Indian Railways figured out 9 Shatabdi which suffered due to the dynamic fare system and on those routes only this reform is been adopted. The railways wants to have a check if this system would be successful or not.After its success it could be adopted to all Shatabdis and Rajadhanis. As a trial this system was tested on New Delhi Ajmer Shatabdi Express which came out to be successful and passengers returned to get the seats fully booked.Taking the example of this railways would be adopting this system in 9 Shatabdi Routes inculding New Delhi – Bhopal , New Delhi – Ajmer, New Delhi – Lucknow, New Delhi – Kanpur.

Know about ‘First Ever’ solar powered DEMU!!

The solared power DEMU is going was been tested for it’s reliablity and power consuption in Jodhpur division (NWR).It would be running between Delhi and Farukhnagar. Indian Railways are in their way to use more and more of renewable resources to run their train.The solar powered DEMU consisting of 6 coaches with solar panel on it’s roofs. Last year, Northern Railways had fitted one coach of the Rewari-Sitapur passenger with solar panels. However, this would be the first DEMU (Diesel Electric Multiple Unit) broad gauge train, in which all coaches have solar panels, says Railways. Solar panel fitted coaches already run on narrow-gauge trains plying on Pathankot-Jogindernagar route in Kangra Valley section and Kalka-Shimla section. Rewari-Sitapur Passenger coach with solar panel. The solar DEMU have 6 coaches having 12 solar panel each on the roofs which are expected to generate 300W and 3.6KW per coach which are more than enough of power for running lights and fans. More solar panel or…

New Humsafar Express to run between Bhubaneswar & Bengaluru from July 13

A new Humsafar express is to run from Bhubaneswar on July 13.On its inaugural run it would have number 02033 and would depart from Bhubaneswar at 2:30 pm (1430 hrs). It would have a return inaugural run as well from Krishnarajapuram (Bengaluru) on July 14 at 11:15 pm (2315 hrs) and would have the number 02034. The train consists of 19 coaches which are 16 AC three Tier coaches,one pantry car and 2 luggage and generator car. The regular service would start from July 17 from Bhubaneswar and would run on mondays with the number 22833 at 12 noon (1200 hrs) and would reach Krishnarajapuram (Bengaluru) at 1:00 pm (1300hrs) the next day.The return service would start from July 18th from Krishnarajapuram (Bengaluru) at 4:05 pm (1605 hrs) and reach bhubaneswar at 5:45 pm (1745 hrs) next day. It will have stoppages at Khurda Road, Brahmapur, Palasa, Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, Visakhapatnam, Duvvada, Rajahmundry, Eluru, Vijayawada, Ongole, Nellore, Gudur, Renigunta, Katpadi,Jollarpettai & Ba…

Rail Coach Factory, Nishatpura to manufacture 33 Humsafar coaches!!

The full 3rd ac “successfull” rail service Humsafar Express is to get some modification in its facility and security like addition of urinals in tiolets etc. For the Modification purpose in first round 170 coaches are to be prepared by the rail coach factories over the country. Some Coach factories are going to prepare it the first time and some are preparing the LHB type rake first time. Rail Coach Factory Nishatpura is one of them. It has be allocated the task of manufacturing 33 Humsafar coaches with modern amineties. Earlier, the Rail Coach Factory,Nishatpura prepared 2 Model Rakes with modern amineties this year. The task is to begain before September. The rakes such prepared can be allocated to 2 Humsafars. If, this task is completed till October end one of these rakes may be given to the Bhopal division (WCR) for their use in a Originating Humsafar from Bhopal.